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About lagotto romagnolo

The breeding KrĂłlewski Przywilej FCI  was registered in the Polish Kennel Club at the beginning of 1999.

It started with a spaniel bitch of a cavalier King Charles breed TOSIA Atavi, an animal with an amazing character, an incredible mother and care-taker of not only her puppies but also of the fostered ones. I learnt with her a lot about dog shows as well as details of preparation, caretaking and presenting of a dog on exhibition. With her I also learnt how it felt like to win and to lose. She was my best dog friend, an animal, which may not be externally remarkable but of an unusual character.

In 2002 we were joined by Helandros JOSEPHINE, also of a cavalier King Charles breed, a very beautiful spaniel bitch imported from Estonia, which had previously given birth to two litters in Kawalkada breed.

Josie showed me how pleasant dog shows may be. Given the fact that she liked being on a display very much, I have never had any problems with her. Moreover, at home she was an animal, which would be as nice as possible for everybody, totally unproblematic, peaceful and quiet.

A year later Josie gave birth to her last litter, this time with a nickname of KrĂłlewski Przywilej. This litter left in breeding her daughter, which is also Tosia’s granddaughter – COUNTESSA KrĂłlewski Przywilej. Counti is the first dog from my own breeding with the champion title.

On 30th October 2010 Tosia and Counti were joined by a new household member – a dog of lagotto romagnolo Regun Congo. This sweetie from Hungary totally conquered the heart of Counti, which became his caretaker, play companion and a friend. In some way she raised him.

This friendship has lasted until today (except for time spent on show). They play together and show mutual tenderness. Counti still defends her “foster child” against “dangers”, although now he is almost twice as big as her and could deal with any threat all by himself.

The arrival of Congo has opened a new chapter in the breeding history. I hope that he will give us the same (if not greater) amount of satisfaction as the cavaliers. We want our puppies to find new loving owners. Therefore we put a lot of weight to the health and psyche of the animals. Hence, fathers of the puppies have always been chosen carefully not only with regard to posture but also achievements.

In August 2014, our breeding of lagotto romagnolo was registered under the name Animus Amicitiae FCI.

Lagotto romagnolo is a breed with an incredible character. They are very friendly and open but also have their own opinions. If properly socialized they may be good companions for other animals.

Lagotto will be the perfect companions for active people and families with older children. Their important advantage is the fact that they do not lose their hair. Thus, caretaking is not troublesome since they are dogs with a good hair structure.

In our case the choice of this breed was not accidental. It was a compromise between a poodle and a breed resembling a mongrel, for even with regard to the model lagotto has a rustic look.

If someone needs a dog, which does not moult, is happy and friendly but does not require total subordination, lagotto is the breed, which may fulfil these expectations.

However, I do not recommend it to the fans of dogs with the character of “a shepherd”, which subordinate to their owners in 100%. Lagotto may be one’s companion, but it is not a dog just to perform one’s orders.

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