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Half-joking, half-serious


Apart from this section all of the information on the website was prepared by my Wife, Anna. She takes care of the breeding, model, shows and all of the issues, which I do not understand or like. She has Congo.

My dog is called Be速old :) For me he is a friend, with which I can take a walk through the park and wallow on the floor. In his book entitled “Opowie嗆 pod psem, a nawet pod dwoma” Janusz Meissner provides a perfect definition of a dog: “Everyone knows what a dog is: a head, four legs, a few pleas, a tail, a jaw and it sometimes bites”. I assure you, Be速old is a dog :), although he has not yet known what pleas are…

Why a lagotto? Because I do not like poodles! When we thought about having another dog (already having three cavaliers), one of our basic criteria was for him not to moult. The poodle fulfils this requirement but the risk that I would have to take a walk down the street with a creature which looks like a combination of a lion and a baboon did not let me take this breed into consideration. However, I like lagotto very much, since it is an animal which does not attract too much attention and is an ordinary mongrel (in the best way possible!).

We met Be速old in Katowice. He came from Hungary. At home he was welcomed by Tosia and Counti – the cavaliers. Unfortunately, Tosia did not like him. He was too vivid and too troublesome so she avoided him whenever she could. Counti, on the other hand, was submissive and as a consequence she has been hurt, having gloomy strips hanging down her ears. However, generally, there is not much trouble. The herd has lived peacefully.

Be速old is a shy dog. Whenever he has an opportunity to play with other dogs in the park, he remains rather at the side. He does play with other dogs but has no such energy and a crazy spark in the eye which is visible when he can run alone.

As far as playing is concerned, Be速old is not very demanding. He is fully satisfied with a tennis ball. He does not despise stuffed animals and in the majority of cases he does not destroy them quickly. Generally, despite his temper, he has not made much damage so far ;) He has just scratched two holes in the wall (before the renovation) and ate a square meter of a lining, which was to be thrown away anyway.

Be速old likes swimming. Moreover, he loves eating, sleeping and biting his master. Me.

If you would like have some more information, write to Be速old. He will surely be happy. His e-mail: beltold@lagotto.aprim.pl